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Welcome :)
Welcome to ACMEBEST.COM i-Marketing (Internet Marketing) Management, Coordination, Facilitation & Implementation Website

AcmeBest.Com Internet Marketing is specialised in the management of websites. We directly and indirectly manage a number of websites focused on different topics and fields from all over the world.

The core of our business is developing and implementing effective overall online marketing strategies.

On top of
  • Webhostings (the hosting of websites on our servers worldwide),
  • Internet domain names registrations,
  • Homepage designings & setting up,
  • Content creations,
  • Search engines & directories registrations,
  • Search engines optimisation (SEO),
  • And etc.
related to the setting up of a website, our Consultants and Executive Webmasters are specialised in ensuring that a company can effectively and successfully maximise its website/s to achieve its Internet Marketing objectives.

We also have very keen interest and expertise in:
  • Domain Names Investments
  • Domain Names Porfolio Management
  • Domain Names Buy & Sale
  • Domain Names Auctioning
  • Grab Good Expiring Domain Names
  • TLDs (Top Level Domains) eg. ".com", ".net", ".org", ".info", ".biz"
  • Country Domains eg. ".us", ".cn", ".jp", ".sg"
  • Special TLDs eg. ".pro"
  • Special Country Domains eg. ".to", ".cc", ".tm", ".my", ".hm", ".ws"
  • Continent Specific Domain Names eg. ".euro", ".asia"
  • Upcoming Prospective Popular Domain Names eg. ".web" (for websites)
Yes, that's right. We are specialised and experienced in anything directly or indirectly related to INTERNET MARKETING (websites and web marketing).


ACME: "n. the highest point of development, success, etc. the acme of perfection"

BEST: "adj. the highest in quality, skill, or effectiveness; the most good. n. the greatest degree of good"

Internet Marketing (i-Marketing)

Internet Marketing (Cyber-Marketing) is:
"Carefully planned and sustained efforts at promoting a company / organisation, its products and/or services, through the internet, using the most practical, effective and up-to-date strategies. It is the sum total online marketing mix maximising and leveraging the world wide web (www) for the benefit of a company, its products and/or services."

Internet Marketing Has Become An Important Part Of Marketing Management

Whether we like it or now, we have to recognise and accept the fact that the internet has become a very important communication channel for business and life in general.

One way or another, no company should ignore the importance of the internet as an effective form of marketing media. More and more companies are embracing and maximising "internet marketing" as a very crucial part of the overall marketing strategies and management.

Effective Internet Marketing

In order for a website to be truely effective in achieving its "internet marketing" target, first of all, the content is very important. In fact, everyone knows that "content is king". Yes, quality content can ensure the success of a website.

Next, the reliability of the webhosting server is crucial. If a website is always down or not accessible, then it will not be effective at all.

Also very important is the simple design of the overall website, that is neat and loads fast.

At the same time, a website must be easily found by the right people.

Last but not least, a good domain name that is short, meaningful and easy to remember. A ".com" domain name is the best choice. The second best choices will be ".net" or ".org". The next best choices will be ".info" or ".biz".

On the other hand, country TLDomains such as ".com.my" or ".com.sg" are also alternatives worth considering. Any investment in a good domain name will be worthwhile and pays for itself eventually when the necessary awareness is created successfully on the WWW about a company's website and its products / services.

Thank you for dropping by. We hope you have found the information you are looking for. Should you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to email us. Thank you.

best regards,
i-Marketing (Internet Marketing) Management, Coordination, Facilitation & Implementation

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